AFC Toronto Officially Unveils its Brand Crest and Identity


Toronto, ON (June 3, 2024) – Today AFC Toronto, the city’s first professional women’s soccer
club set to debut in 2025 in the recently unveiled Northern Super League, is excited to
announce the launch of its brand crest and identity.

AFC Toronto Inaugural Crest and Identity Defined
AFC Toronto’s brand crest is deceptively simple and modern, yet within its clean lines are
layers of stories that pay homage to the City of Toronto and its diversity, the founders, the
grassroots heritage of the organization and ethos of the club. The inaugural brand crest is a
culmination of specific elements that together form its crest:

The ‘anchor T’ (submark logo) is at the centre of the primary crest. It
symbolizes Toronto, the bold angles shooting upwards capture momentum,
forward movement and the rally cry of the club, “Rise up”! The anchor T is
propped up by the mirrored 7’s on either side of the design honouring the
founding seven members of AFC Toronto, and the original 6 boroughs of
Toronto plus the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that align the club’s
commitment to community.

The ‘elemental shield’ (secondary logo) with its eleven strokes, represents
the starting IX on the pitch signifying unity, tenacity, athletic excellence and
the strength of the club on the field. It’s wrapped in a shield, with the upper
and lower strokes that are unbounded to symbolize the club’s commitment
to continually push boundaries while creating an inclusive and fair-play

These woven parts make the ‘primary crest’. It is a reflection of
Toronto, that includes the club’s starting season year, and pays
respect to the global tradition and the legacy in soccer of using
Association Football Club and a club’s city name within their primary
crests. For AFC Toronto, the acronym takes on a deeper meaning:
Always For: Commitment, Change, Courage and Celebration.

AFC Toronto Colours
● Mighty Maroon: Symbolizing ambition and resilience, this deep red-purple reflects the
team’s solid foundation and toughness.
● Victory Vermillion: This vibrant colour embodies energy and passion, capturing the
team’s bold and spirited approach to the game.

A Unique Approach to Branding
“From the very start, we’ve been committed to taking a different approach in the development of
our club and its story, and we knew the key to this was to involve the community and create a
brand that was built in Toronto, for Toronto by Torontonians” says Jill Burgin, Chief Marketing

In collaboration with a consortium of creative firms, led by Toronto-based global business and
brand design firm Sunday+Night Inc., AFC Toronto engaged 35 diverse participants from across
the GTA in an all day “Sunday Swarm” brainstorming session. Senior business leaders, artists,
media personalities, former Olympians and grassroot athletes all came together anonymously
with the purpose to design, shape and build the club’s brand mark and identity.

“This is an exciting time for soccer in Canada, and we can’t wait to kick off in 2025 in the
Northern Super League” says Helena Ruken, Chief Executive Officer
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About AFC Toronto
AFC Toronto is a founding club in the new Canadian women’s professional soccer league, the
Northern Super League. Over the next year, the club will focus on building its business, securing
funding and infrastructure, aiming to deliver a top-tier experience for players, staff, and
supporters by spring 2025. AFC Toronto is committed to uniting the community and inspiring
young women and girls to lead, develop, and excel. The club’s purpose is to not just build a
world-class football club but to also create a platform for girls and women to achieve greatness
on their terms.

About Sunday+Night
Sunday+Night is a Toronto-based global firm specializing in the alchemy of Being, Business,
and Brand Design. They help visionaries achieve their most significant impact by integrating
principles from science, philosophy, business, and the arts. Utilizing their proprietary 0/3/6/9
framework, Sunday+Night guides clients toward alignment, innovation, and excellence. Their
offerings include immersive strategy workshops, brand expression, and conscious creation,
guiding clients from ideation to tangible outcomes. Sunday+Night’s mission is to transform lives
and businesses, empowering them to make a lasting mark on the world.

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