Calgary, AB

It’s going to get wild, Calgary!

Join us as we welcome the new professional women’s soccer era to our great city and province.  With our rich soccer history and proven talent, we promise to disrupt, excite and entertain.  This is everyone’s team and we look forward to building a community that encourages its members to SOAR.  Get ready for the call of the WILD!

    Spotlight On

    Deanna Zumwalt

    Deanna is a visionary business leader and staunch advocate for women’s sports, who continues to shape the landscape of Canadian soccer today. Her strong passion, strategic acumen, and dedication have propelled her to the forefront of a movement establishing a professional women’s soccer league in Canada.

    Deanna’s professional journey in finance led her to become the CEO of Coril, a global investment management company. Her extensive expertise is further recognized through her roles as Chair of the Boards of Loram and Triovest, a board member and Audit Committee Chair at SECURE, as well as a member of the Business Council of Canada, Business Council of Alberta, the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference National Executive, and Platform Calgary’s Advisory Council.

    Deanna’s dedication is rooted in her commitment to inclusion, which extends into the realm of professional sports, particularly for young women.  As Chair of the Calgary NSL club, Deanna blends her business acumen with her passion for sports, envisioning a future where professional soccer in Canada excels. Under her leadership, Calgary is a driving force behind this vision, championing initiatives that support young women in sport and promote equal opportunities across all levels of the sport. Through her efforts, Deanna is not only advancing the business of sport in Alberta but also paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse sporting community – in Alberta, and beyond. Our Time is Now!

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