Halifax Tides FC to be Halifax’s first-ever Professional Women’s Soccer Team

Halifax, Nova Scotia – June 14, 2024 – Halifax sports enthusiasts have a new reason to cheer as the Halifax Tides FC emerges as the city’s inaugural professional women’s soccer club. The club’s formation marks a significant milestone in the region’s sports landscape, promising a platform for local talent to shine on a national stage.

Halifax Tides FC will showcase the talent and dedication of female athletes while fostering a sense of community pride. Although soccer is the largest participatory sport in Canada, until now, there was no professional path in our country for women. With a commitment to excellence both on and off the pitch, the club aims to inspire future generations of female athletes across Nova Scotia, Canada, and the world.

“Halifax is a soccer city,” said Mayor Mike Savage. “With year-over-year growth in the population of our city alongside worldwide interest in women in sports and ‘the beautiful game,’ it’s the perfect time to welcome the Halifax Tides FC. I look forward to cheering them on and to seeing the positive impact the team will have on our city and generations of young women pursuing their soccer dreams.”

The club will compete in the highly anticipated Northern Super League (“NSL”), providing fans with an exciting opportunity to witness top-tier women’s soccer right in their backyard. Amidst Halifax’s dynamic landscape, Tides FC is thrilled to be working with the city on an agreement for usage of the Wanderers Grounds. The club’s desire to create unforgettable moments of joy for supporters is of utmost importance when finding a place to call home. The club rests their values on the fan-centric ethos that will define its venue selection, ensuring that every matchday becomes a celebration of community spirit and sporting excellence.

“We are thrilled to introduce Halifax Tides FC to our community,” said Courtney Sherlock, Co-founder & CEO of Halifax Tides FC. “We are here to nurture the joy found in sport and empower future female leaders. What sets our club apart is the unwavering support of our East Coast community. Together, we champion women’s sports, and provide opportunities for our athletes, our city and our country. In Halifax, our club foundation is built upon collaboration and a profound sense of camaraderie. It’s time to seize our moment and rise together.” 

The supportive East Coast community is inclusive of Halifax’s strong business community, who have come together to support the launch of the club. Many executives,entrepreneurs and community leaders along with Gold Launch Event Partner, Wagner’s Law, have partnered to celebrate this historic event and support the club as they prepare for their inaugural season in 2025. 

The club’s mission is to create an environment where every player can flourish, every fan can find belonging, and every individual can be inspired to realize their full potential. This is illustrated through the club’s logo design, with the badge shape of a naval ship, always propelling forward. The upward direction at the tip of the bow, reminding us to aim higher. The waves crash into an ‘x’, symbolizing the cross in our province’s flag and the moon’s influence on the tides symbolizing the club’s intended impact on the community.

The launch of this club is the change that’s been coming for this city. The tides are turning, and as this club moves forward, we rise together to push through any storm that comes our way.

To stay in the loop for further announcements be sure to follow them on social media @hfxtidesfc and subscribe to their newsletter at shop.tidesfc.ca

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